Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conscious Eldering Retreat

The Choosing Conscious Eldering Retreat was a wonderful, deeply moving retreat that left me, the cook, as transformed as the participants. There was so much love, appreciation and beauty coming from the people and so much bounty, nourishment and beauty in our gardens - it was a pure joy to harvest, cook and serve. After a week of mostly sunshine and warmth, the closure of this retreat was a brief intense thunderstorm with the lightning hitting the ground right in front of the retreat center and again, a few minutes after, just behind. And then, gently, the sun came back... It felt sacred, joyful and exiting as if nature itself was giving her final blessing to this gathering. It was so powerful. Here’s the menu I planned for this retreat. Just reading the titles does not translate the beauty all the edible flowers, fresh greens, herbs and vegetables were contributing to those meals, but it can give an idea (if some of the participants would like to share their pictures, that would be even better! :)

Tuesday  Dinner

Summer Squash soup
Broccoli & Olive Tart (Quiche)
Couscous, corn on the cob
Corn Bread (with warm apple sauce), Chick Pea Crêpes
Large green salad, crudités, classic vinaigrette
Garlic-Olive-Caper Spread – Tapenade
Cheddar, Chèvre aux Herbes, toasted hazelnuts
Fine crackers and baguette

Carrot cake
Chai Tea (caffeine free)

Wednesday Lunch

Cream of Broccoli
Summer Vermont Muffins
Tempeh, brown and wild rice, zucchini casserole
Swiss Chard with Feta
Bread with pesto, butter and margarine, Corn on the cob
Big bowl of greens with white miso dressing (parsley or basil)
Quinoa Sorrel Salad, roasted nuts and seeds, sharp cheddar

Soy Milk Chocolate Pudding (individual bowls with mint leaf)

Wednesday Dinner

Mother Wolff Soup
Pumpernickel bread and sourdough bread from bakery
Carrot, Kasha, and Caraway Pilaf
Autumn latkes, Sour Cream, Apple Sauce (warm)
Vegetable Pâté (mustard and lettuce), crudités, cheese, dill pickles
Cole slaw, fresh greens with White Miso dressing

Thursday Lunch

Leftover soups
Spaghetti Pasta with Tofu Sauce
Zucchini gratins, corn on the cob
Steam kale, fresh Parmesan, pesto and Tabasco
Focaccia  (rosemary, sage, black olives and tomatoes, onions)
Large Spinach Salad (with pine nuts) (balsamic vinaigrette)
Sharp Cheddar and crackers


Thursday Dinner

Miso Soup
Rice, Swiss chard stir-fry (garlic and ginger)
Fresh bread, rice crackers, basil pesto
Butter and margarine, homemade seaweed Gomasio
Asian style carrot salad, seaweed salad, Corn-Edamame salad
Sharp cheddar, big bowl of greens, White Miso Salad dressing
Tamari almonds, roasted sunflowers, pumpkin seeds

Spicy tempeh Nori Rolls, dipping sauce , wasabi, pickle ginger

Chaussons aux pommes
Chai Tea (caffeine free)

Friday Lunch

Sorrel soup, garlic bread
Couscous, Corn on the cob
Hummus, Curried Carrot Dip
Vegetable-pâté, pickles
Salads leftover, crudités, cheddar, Chèvre aux Herbes
Fruits and desserts leftover

Friday  Dinner

French Lentil Soup
Corn on the cob
Bread for sandwiches
Vegetables pâté, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, mayonnaise, butter, margarine, cheddar
Green salad with dressings, nuts and seeds

Fresh peaches and vanilla yogurt

Saturday lunch

Kale and lentil soup
Mezza: Falafels
Tahini-Lemon Sauce
Pita bread, hummus, Feta-Walnut Dip,
Tabouli, massaged kale
Goat cheese or sharp cheddar, feta cheese and Kamalata olives
Sesame crackers, sprouts, Deviled eggs...


Spearmint Tea

Saturday dinner

Rice and coconut soup
Thai Noodle Salad and leftover salads
Spring Rolls, dipping sauces, big green salad + leftover dressings and nuts


Sunday Lunch

Mother Wolff Soup
Egg and tempeh sandwiches
Corn on the cob
Rice and Chick Peas Salad
Other salads and leftovers

Rose/butter cookies

Here are some of the fresh teas our friend, Eliana, brewed for this retreat:

Vitamin C Immuni-tea: Rosehips, pine needles, lemon
Lymph Cleanse: Red clover, calendula, self-heal
Building & nourishing (morning): Red raspberry leaf, nettles, comfrey
Rest & Digest (evening) Bee balm, lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile
Chai: cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger, rooiboos, coconut milk, honey
Ice Tea – Summer Cooler: Peach, lemon, lemon balm, mint